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2008 WordPress Dashboard change for the better

Posted by exodians on April 9, 2008

As we always say, “The only permanent in this world is change” and this adage would surely hold its ground for the years to come. Change never misses as the song goes; Walang nagmimintis sa pagbabago” ; and that is actually what WordPress developers are doing. These hardworking developers who by the way volunteered their times and talents and brought us once again the change.

For those of us who were using the old Dashboard routinely and habitually for years or even months might experience a little humps and bumps, in fact annoyed with the change but let us all face the fact that the change is for the better. We should be mindful that the new Dashboard indeed is as the entry suggests,

Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard — we’ve worked hard to take your feedback about what’s most important in the dashboard and organize things to allow you to focus on what’s important — your blog — and get out of your way. In collaboration with Happy Cog and the community we’ve taken the first major step forward in the WordPress interface since WordPress.com was created. Taken from the “New Dashboard Design and March Wrap-up”

The exodians.wordpress.com would like to thank the developers for their excellent job!

Thank you!



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