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Atlanta, Georgia: King Historic Dist – Ebenezer Baptist

Posted by darbs on September 13, 2009

The tour has just began…

America’s Annual Events: Month of February Black History Month, and the anniversary of King’s April 4, 1968, assassination.


Ebenezer Baptist Church, this is the church where King and his father Martin Luther King, Sr. pastored.

The Structure

These places are critical components in the interpretation of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy as a leader of the American civil rights movement. source: wikipedia



Did You Know?
Ebenezer Baptist Church’s most famous member, Martin Luther King, Jr., was baptized as a child in the church. After giving a trial sermon to the congregation at Ebenezer at the age of 19 Martin was ordained as a minister. In 1960 Dr. King, Jr. became a co-pastor of Ebenezer with his father. (source: nps.gov)

MLK’s National Historic Site

MLK’s National Historic Site includes, Ghandi Promenade, International Civil Rights Walk of Fame.

walk of fame

“International Civil Rights Walk of Fame” which gives recognition to those courageous pioneers who sacrificed and struggled to make equality a reality for all. (source: wikipedia)

Mahatma Ghandi: Gift of the Indian People

The statue of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was donated by The Indian Council for Cultural Relations, India, in collaboration with The National Federation of Indian American Associations and The Embassy of India, USA.

Ghandi Promenade“Nonviolence, to be a potent force, must begin with the mind. Nonviolence of the mere body without the cooperation of the mind is nonviolence of the weak of the cowardly, and has, therefore, no potency. It is a degrading performance. If we bear malice and hatred in our bosoms and pretend not to retaliate, it must recoil upon us and lead to our destruction.”–Gandhi

Ouch! Darn it! “How would you do that?
Luhod-luhod lang tawon ko ha?

eternal flameThe Eternal Flame Inscription: “The Eternal Flame symbolizes the continuing effort to realize Dr. King’s ideals for the “Beloved Community” which requires lasting personal commitment that cannot weaken when faced with obstacles.”

photo ops

photo ops

Built and dedicated in 1977 when Dr King’s remains were moved to the current location from South View Cemetery the location is a National Historic Site.


Entrance to the cemetery


” Behold the only thing greater than yourself”

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